Sustainable Sourcing

On an increasingly crowded, hot and hungry planet, the need for solutions to address shared sustainability challenges is more important than ever. Meeting skyrocketing growth while faced with a fragile global economy, weather variability, and an increasingly scarce natural resource base poses a real dilemma for any business.

As we look ahead to 2050, questions emerge of how we will feed, house, clothe and transport two billion more people and still maintain a living planet. Whether we like it or not, our lives are bound to these challenges. Global supply chains are complex and impact us more than we know. The price we pay for food and long-term access to our most basic products hangs in the balance.

Our shared imperative is ensuring that the raw materials used in these products are sustainably sourced, reducing their negative impacts on people and the planet.

WWF is helping companies trace products from origin to the store shelf, measuring the impacts along the way. By exploring solutions like doubling down on existing farmland, rehabilitating degraded lands, and helping consumers become part of the solution, it’s possible to meet this growing demand and still maintain a living planet.

These challenges are shared by all of us. We all need food and basic consumer products. And we all need a healthy planet. Nobody can solve these challenges alone, but together we can identify and pursue strategies to do more with less on our finite planet.