2023: Getting Underway: Asset Managers' Seafood Sector Policy Analysis

During early 2024, WWF conducted a second annual assessment of 42 asset managers’ approaches to addressing environmental and social (E&S) risks in seafood-related investments. The objective of this research was to understand if and how investors are improving the way they manage these risks in their seafood portfolios, and where, specifically, additional support may be needed most. This report highlights key findings from this assessment, compares the results against last year’s baseline to monitor progress, provides actionable recommendations for asset managers, and directs readers to practical resources to guide next steps.

Overall, this year's assessment found that an increasing number of asset managers are taking action to manage E&S risks related to nature and biodiversity loss, with some specifically starting to address these risks within the seafood sector. Of the 42 asset managers assessed this year, 13 (31%) demonstrated minor or moderate improvements against last year’s baseline. However, more progress is needed to ensure that asset managers’ policies sufficiently prevent and manage their exposure to E&S risks, particularly as they relate to the seafood sector. Consistent with last year, our analysis found that only one of the 42 assessed asset managers has yet developed and publicly disclosed seafood-specific E&S expectations for its investee companies.

See the 2022 baseline assessment.