2024 Plastic Policy Summit: Domestic Solutions for a Global Problem - Key Takeaways

In March 2024, WWF convened its second Plastic Policy Summit in Washington, D.C., bringing together 300 policymakers and representatives from businesses, NGOs, and academia. Through twelve breakout sessions, attendees workshopped efforts to reduce harm from plastic production and pollution, accelerate coordinated action, and implement and scale successful initiatives. The event showcased three key themes:

  1. Additional data and research are important, but we already know enough to take action.
  2. While there is no silver bullet solution, many successful legislative and voluntary efforts can already be replicated and scaled.
  3. Collaboration, coordination, and public engagement are all vital to addressing the plastic pollution crisis.

This document recaps the event highlights and provides a brief summary for each of the twelve breakout sessions, reflecting on key themes, upcoming opportunities for action, and additional resources.