Advice Document Addendum to the General Guidelines for Snow Leopard Landscape Management Planning

An 8-part advice document addendum to the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection (GSLEP) Program landscape management planning guidelines prepared by WWF and Snow Leopard Trust. Contains sections on: 1. Strategic Management Planning in Snow Leopard Landscapes; 2. Participation in Conservation; 3. Stakeholder Analysis in Snow Leopard Landscape Management Planning; 4. Integrated Management and Governance of GSLEP Landscapes; 5. Best Practices in Snow Leopard Conservation; 6. Incorporating Climate Change in Snow Leopard Landscape Management Planning; 7. Mapping to Support Snow Leopard Landscapes Management Planning; and 8. Green, Resilient Economic Development in Snow Leopard Landscape Management. (121 page Conservation Planning Guideline Addendum)