Bhutan’s National Snow Leopard Survey Report 2022-2023

Bhutan’s National Snow Leopard Survey Report 2022-2023 provides an updated status of the country’s current snow leopard population and distribution. The recent camera trapping survey was conducted across five protected areas in Bhutan and implemented by the Royal Government of Bhutan’s Department of Forests and Park Services, with support from WWF-Bhutan and partners. The results will contribute to the global goal of assessing the global snow leopard population.

As an apex predator of the alpine landscape, the snow leopard represents the ecosystem's overall health. However, large carnivores such as the snow leopard are globally threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, prey depletion, retaliation in response to livestock depredation, poaching for illegal trade, human-induced climate change, and other human disturbances. By understanding the snow leopard’s current population, we can effectively prioritize conservation efforts to preserve snow leopard habitats and safeguard their prey species.