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Building Back Safer and Greener: A Guide to Sound Environmental Practices for Disaster Recovery

Post-disaster recovery and reconstruction can cause many adverse environmental impacts. This guide outlines ways in which they can be avoided in Nepal, and good practices can be promoted, in order to reduce future disaster risk and ensure long-term livelihoods and well-being for local people. The guide covers settlements and land use planning; building construction; waste management; energy; infrastructure; water, sanitation and hygiene; agriculture and livelihoods; and education. It highlights flood risk management, landslide prevention and treatment, and management of forests after disasters, with climate change, and gender equality and social inclusion as cross-cutting themes. The guide is written for government and non-government organization staff working in development, humanitarian and environmental fields; policy makers; the private sector; academics; and donor agency staff. While it is intended primarily for a Nepal audience, there are many results and lessons that are valuable for other countries.