No Food Left Behind: Part V

This business case:

  • Summarizes a project working with growers measuring their on-farm losses using the Stewardship Index for Specialty Crops Food Loss metric tool.
  • Confirms collecting in-field data is not time-intensive and provides evidence to support the business case for on-farm measurement benefitting both growers and buyers.
  • Illustrates the value of available opportunities for growers engaged in on-farm loss measurement.

Grower participants include Calavo, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Pacific International Marketing, Lipman Family Farms, Campbell Soup Company and E&H Farm, Coastline Family Farms, and Dole Fresh Vegetables (a division of Dole Food Company Inc.).

The Measurement Photo Guide:

  • Shows step-by-step how easy it is to collect data about the amount of product left in the field
  • Illustrates the equipment needed to collect field samples
  • Shows the time it takes to collect and sort field samples
  • Provides a simple calculation for determining sample area