TNRC Guide Manual for Serbian civil society organisations | Processes of development and adoption of spatial and urban plans with special focus on protected areas

There are challenges facing the preservation and management of protected natural areas in Serbia, despite the country's positive regulations and commitments. Illegal construction and large capital projects have endangered these areas due to limited management opportunities and insufficient government action and civil society organizations have limited standing to act in procedures related to the protection of these areas, which further hinders their active participation. This manual helps Serbian civil society organizations understand rules of spatial and urban planning, opportunities for public participation, key illegal practices in the management and implementation of activities within protected areas, legal procedures, and how to improve citizen participation to combat corruption.

This manual was created as part of the "Systematic and early engagement as a cure for policy capture and a key instrument for prevention of corruption in policy planning" project implemented by WWF Adria in Serbia, funded by the Targeting Natural Resource Corruption (TNRC) project.

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