Water for Our Future: Americas Regional Process Event

The World Water Council, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Coca-Cola Company, with support from United Water and the US Army Corps of Engineers, invited diverse stakeholders working on water issues for panel discussions, conversations, and networking opportunities in Washington, DC, to discuss the future—and how we can ensure water is part of it.

The daylong forum, Water for Our Future, focused on three of the 16 themes slated for discussion during the 7th World Water Forum: Green Growth, Water Stewardship and Industry; Water for Food; and Enough Safe Water for All. The global forum will be held in Korea on April 12–17, 2015.

As part of the regional planning process for the global forum, the conversations focused on North American perspectives and the efforts of US companies, NGOs, donors, government agencies, and US-based multilateral institutions. Nearly 150 professionals participated in person, while hundreds of others joined remotely. Together, we explored challenges and solutions and gathered input for the thematic agenda of the upcoming 7th World Water Forum.