WWF COVID-19 Listening Tour

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded across the world, impacting economic sectors in different and unprecedented ways, innovative solutions were needed to meet the challenge. WWF wanted to understand in real-time how the global food sector, in particular, was impacted by and reacted to the crisis to distill insights and lessons learned. What will be the short- and long-term impacts on supply chains? What are the key concerns of the average corporate manager and how can we work collectively to address this crisis and accelerate learning? What innovations will come from the permanent and temporary adjustments made as a result of the crisis?

To gather insights, we embarked on a global listening tour to hear directly from WWF partners and non-partners about their experiences. In all, the global Markets Practice, in collaboration with WWF-US and Global Corporate Partnerships, listened to and engaged with 46 companies in 14 countries representing a broad spectrum of the global food supply chain. This document contains a summary of our analysis and findings, with more to come.

We are deeply appreciative that the interviewees were willing to share their time and experiences with us, and we will be continuing on this learning journey.