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  • Living Planet Report 2018 Brochure

    Living Planet Report 2018 (application/pdf, 14.5 MB)

    October 29, 2018

    The Living Planet Report documents the state of the planet—including biodiversity, ecosystems, and demand for natural resources—and what it means for humans and wildlife. Published by WWF every two years, the report brings together a variety of research to provide a comprehensive view of the health of the Earth.

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  • A 5C Arctic in a 2C World: Executive Summary Brochure

    A 5C Arctic in a 2C World: Executive Summary (application/pdf, 277 KB)

    September 28, 2016

    Climate change is already changing the Arctic, and current carbon reduction commitments will not be enough to stop this transformation cold. This executive summary of a July 2016 Columbia Climate Center workshop details why global leaders must focus on helping the region adapt and accelerate a reduction in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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