A new management vision for the Galápagos’ fisheries

In January 2009, the management authorities of the Galápagos Marine Reserve (GMR) unanimously approved a fishery management plan, locally referred to as the “Fishing Chapter”. This plan was created – over a three-year period -- by the Galápagos National Park, the National Institute of Galápagos and the National Fisheries Institute. Representatives of the local artisanal fishing sector – who received scientific advice from WWF, the Charles Darwin Foundation, Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano and FUNDAR – also contributed to the creation of this plan. 

The Fishing Chapter is part of the management plan of the GMR and is a dynamic and evolving planning tool that describes the policies, objectives and management strategies to be implemented in the following years to ensure the sustainable development of the fisheries and the fishing sector of the GMR.

WWF will support the implementation of the Fishing Chapter to: 1) ensure an effective, proactive and participatory decision-making process with a long term vision that is based on reliable scientific data and local fishery knowledge; 2) adequately reduce the exploitation level to the recovery capacity of fishing resources; 3) improve the profitability of the GMR’s fisheries; 4) reduce illegal fishing; and 5) strengthen the fishing sector organization. It is expected that the accomplishment of these five objectives will help establish a new management system that reverses the effects of the fishery crisis currently faced in the GMR.