Baby Bison Arrive on the Prairie

American Prairie Reserve’s first bison calf of the season was recently born on the greening prairie of Northeastern Montana. Only hours after the newborn’s arrival, the mother, brought to American Prairie Reserve in 2006 as part of WWF’s bison reintroduction project, was using her hoof to help the calf stand up on all four legs.  Since the first calf, nine others have been born, bringing the total number of bison on American Prairie Reserve to 206.

Baby Bison Photo Gallery

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© Dennis Lingohr/APF

WWF’s bison reintroduction project is a joint undertaking with American Prairie Foundation (APF).  We expect many more calves to be born in the coming months, adding to the ever-growing population of the herd on American Prairie Reserve.

WWF is leading efforts to restore bison and other keystone species to the Northern Great Plains. By bringing together local communities, landowners, government, scientists, conservation experts and industry, we are achieving lasting results in the conservation and restoration of the region’s natural heritage.

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