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Bivalve Aquaculture Dialogue to Meet with Stakeholders in Canada

WASHINGTON, DC: Draft global standards for bivalve aquaculture, which are in the final stage of development by the Bivalve Aquaculture Dialogue, will be presented and discussed at an outreach meeting to be held in Canada this month.

The standards, expected to be finalized during the second quarter of 2010, will address the potential negative environmental and social issues associated with the farming of filter-feeding bivalves (clams, oysters, mussels and scallops), such as the introduction of exotic pests and pathogens.

The meeting will be March 23 at the Delta Prince Edward Hotel in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The discussion will be led by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which coordinates the bivalve Dialogue and serves on its 14-person Global Steering Committee. Several other committee members also will be present.

“Given the importance of bivalve aquaculture in eastern Canada, we encourage people interested in this industry to come to the meeting to learn about the Dialogue and share their thoughts about the draft standards that are under development,” said bivalve Dialogue coordinator Colin Brannen of WWF.

Similar outreach meetings have been convened by the Dialogue in Australia and China.

All input from the meeting will be used by the committee to revise the draft standards before they are finalized. When revising the document, the committee also will rely on feedback received during the final 60-day public comment period for the standards, which ends April 1.

To read the most current version of the bivalve standards and provide feedback, go to For more information about the March meeting, contact Colin Brannen at