Documentary Film Highlights Colombian Amazon

A documentary filmed in the Apaporis basin of the remote Upper Rio Negro portion of the Colombian Amazon is making its premiere in New York City from July 30 through August 5 and in Los Angeles, from August 5 to12. 

The film, Apaporis, was inspired by Wade Davis’ book, One River, which recounts his ethnobotanical explorations, and those of his mentor, Richard Schultes, in the Colombian Amazon.  In October 2009, with technical assistance and support from WWF, the Yaigojé-Apaporis National Park was created in this region, at the request of the region’s indigenous peoples who found their ancestral territories threatened by mining concessions. Working together, the local indigenous authorities and the Colombian National Parks authority established the 2.2 million acre protected area and are collaborating in its management.  

The movie highlights the natural beauty of this little-known part of the Amazon rainforest and the dependence of the region’s indigenous peoples on its resources at many different levels, including culturally and spiritually. 

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