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Infographic: The Solar Revolution

Our energy choices make a difference. Not just in our homes but for polar bears, snow leopards and every species. Fortunately, solar provides a clean and abundant source of energy. Put solar on your home and join the solar revolution.

It's Do

Pollution from Dirty Electricity Is Warming Our Planet

of US carbon dioxide pollution comes from electricity use

It's affecting many species and their homes.

The Solar Revolution can Change This

All over the US, people are saving money and the planet by going solar.

In 2013, every 4 minutes a new solar project was installed in the US.

Flip the switch to see how this will grow in 2016


That's 15 installations every hour!


There's enough solar energy installed in the US to power 3 million households.


Households save money on their electricity bill and homes with solar sell 20% faster and for 17% more.


The amount of solar energy we produce in the US is equal to taking 3.5 million vehicles off the road.

Join the Revolution

Go solar and start saving money and the planet! Many solar companies take care of the permits, inspections and other paperwork for you. By filling out a simple form about your electricity usage, you can estimate how much you will save by going solar. Choose from the partners listed below to get started:

All services present different installer options in your area and are 100% free. The partner will share different options that suit your specific needs and answer all of your questions.

Don't own your roof or already have solar?

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