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Landmark US Clean Power Plan Announced

A major step toward a nation powered by clean energy

Support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan takes a significant stand against carbon pollution from power plants, the leading cause of climate change. Sign a letter to the President and tell him you support the Clean Power Plan and his recent efforts to address climate change.

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President Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy released the final Clean Power Plan rule today at the White House. The plan marks the first national standards to limit carbon pollution from power plants—the largest source of carbon emissions in the US. The Clean Power Plan will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

The plan is the most significant climate action ever taken by the US. As the largest, cumulative contributor to global carbon pollution, the US must take aggressive and urgent action to reduce its emissions. The effects of climate change are already evident in the severe impacts from rising temperatures and changing weather patterns, with even worse impacts expected in the coming years.

"Today’s final rule for the Clean Power Plan is a potential game-changer, both at home and abroad,” said Lou Leonard, WWF vice president, climate change. “The Plan tackles the largest source of US carbon pollution – our dirty electricity sector. Today’s rule will help accelerate the transition already beginning toward a nation powered by clean energy that can never spill into pristine Arctic waters or destroy fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The timing of the announcement lays the foundation for US leadership at United Nations climate negotiations in Paris in December 2015, where truly global and cooperative effort is needed. Fully implementing the Clean Power Plan and upping its ambition over time is crucial to delivering on the domestic climate target that the US brings to Paris.

"But our ambition can’t end here,” says Leonard. “Through partnerships with other countries the US can help cut emissions globally by helping to end tropical deforestation and accelerate clean energy deployment in rapidly emerging economies. This one-two punch of domestic and international action is the kind of American leadership that will be needed to secure a strong outcome in Paris."

Read Lou Leonard’s full statement on the Clean Power Plan.