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Polar Bear Mom and Cub Snuggle in the Snow

Who doesn't love the big, burly white bears of the north? Polar bears—at the top of the food chain and vital to the health of the Arctic marine environment—are important to the cultures and economies of Arctic peoples.

The bears spend most of their lives on sea ice, where they hunt ringed and bearded seals. But as the climate warms, that ice is melting, threatening polar bears. Since 1972, WWF has been doing research on and working to protect polar bears. 

Take a look at a mother polar bear and her cub cuddling in the snow—a touching visual reminder of our conservation work.


polar bear and mom

Someone may be hungry. To protect their young from the elements, female polar bears burrow into deep snow and use their body warmth to keep the little ones safe and cozy while nursing. 


polar bear and mom

Time for a nap? Looks like yawns are contagious in the animal kingdom, too. This mom has decided to rest for a while. Soon enough her cub will learn how to hunt.


polar bear and mom

Wake up, mom! I'm not sleepy! Looks like baby still wants to play. Luckily, WWF works to help the cub's playmates; we fight climate change to save the sea ice on which polar bears depend for hunting, and help mitigate conflict between the bears and humans.


Didn't get your polar bear fix? Check out the video below and learn more about the species.