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Tiger Killed in Nepal, Suspects Arrested

The first tiger in Nepal ever to be translocated and fitted with a specialized tracking collar was killed in Nepal in May 2011. Government officials from the country confirmed the death of this tiger, named Namobuddha, on June 3, 2011.

Police have arrested three people in suspicion of involvement in the killing of the tiger. Because of the collar, police were able to act quickly to catch the suspects.

Why did WWF put a tracking collar on the tiger?

Namobuddha was fitted with the collar and translocated in January 2011. WWF provided technical and financial support for this move, working closely with government officials in Nepal and the National Trust for Nature Conservation, as part of our efforts to double the number of tigers in Nepal and across their full range.

The move occurred several months after Namobuddha was found wounded outside of a park in Nepal. After a complete recovery, he was translocated to a park nearly 400 miles away that had enough space for more tigers to roam.

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