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World Bank Restructures Loan for Eastern Arc Mountains

The World Bank has agreed to restructure their loan to the forest sector in Tanzania so that more than US$2 million of new money will go to The Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund and more than $3 million will go to core conservation actions in the Eastern Arcs. This will include the Derema Corridor Compensation Program, the 3 new Nature Reserves, 8 new Forest Reserves and funding to help declare the entire region a World Heritage Site.

The Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF) was established in 2001 as a trust fund mechanism to provide sustainable funding support to biodiversity conservation in Tanzania's Eastern Arc Mountains. This is due to a team made up of the Tanzanian government, the Eastern Arc Trust Fund, the World Bank, UNDP-GEF, the WWF Tanzania Program, along with significant input from WWF's Dr. Neil Burgess. Dr. Burgess is also working on the forest condition data from the East African Coastal Forests and Eastern Arc Mountains where WWF will be able to show the impacts of coastal forest logging and some positive impacts of the involvement of local people in forest management.