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WWF and Global Companies Take Action to Protect Tigers

As Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese lunar calendar comes to an end, it is more crucial than ever to take action to protect wild tigers.  One hundred years ago there were an estimated 100,000 tigers in the wild; today there as few as 3,200.  Since the last Year of the Tiger in 1998, tigers have lost 40 percent of their habitat and today occupy only 7 percent of their historic range.  Habitat destruction, a major threat, is often driven by illegal and unsustainable logging and demand for palm oil, pulp, paper and timber. WWF turns to many global companies to reduce their impact on tiger habitats.

Industry leader HP and other global companies have stepped up to avoid or minimize impacts on tiger habitat by signing the Corporate Tiger Declaration, a pledge to implement responsible purchasing policies and to increase the amount of credibly certified wood and fiber in their supply chains over time.  This positive milestone will lead efforts to improve landscapes for wild tiger populations.  All of the companies are part of WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), an initiative that works to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests. The declaration sets a precedent for other companies whose decisions impact fragile tiger habitats.  

Ways you can help protect tiger habitats and other forests
Sign the pledge to buy sustainably sourced wood
Share with others why it is important to protect forests

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HP’s participation in WWF's GFTN