WWF Helps Plant a Forest in Birthplace of Buddha

More than 300 volunteers planted over 100,000 trees in Lumbini, Nepal, the sacred birthplace of Buddha, on September 11, 2011. Students, local communities, businesses and representatives from the government were part of the effort. Specific types of saplings were selected to include trees that were present in Lumbini when the Buddha was born in 623 BC.

The trees planted will contribute to:

  • the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • promotion of responsible tourism
  • community participation in conservation

This event contributes to a ten year goal of planting one million trees in Lumbini together with Lumbini Development Trust. It also adds to WWF’s global efforts to work with faith groups to further nature conservation.

WWF has been working in Nepal for the past five decades to:

  • save endangered species
  • restore and protect vital forests
  • build strong community based conservation initiatives

All of these efforts strive to secure a future for nature and people.

“I am happy to see a lot of children participating in this event; these trees are a legacy we leave for them and for future generations.”

-Acharya Karma Sangpo Sherpa, Vice Chairperson of Lumbini Development Trust


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