Enduring Earth Stories

  • Moving forward

    WWF Magazine: Summer 2023
    WWF and our partners are pursuing two initiatives united by a shared vision for a sustainable future
    Lion resting at base of cliff
  • Securing Colombia's Heritage

    June 23, 2022

    Protecting Colombia's landscapes and seascapes requires significant human and financial resources, and a new initiative called Herencia Colombia—which translates to Heritage Colombia—will support Colombia to both maintain and increase those protections.

    aerial view of Colombian mountain range
  • A new approach to conservation funding brings long-lasting solutions

    WWF Magazine: Spring 2022
    Creating and managing protected and conserved areas is an incredibly effective way to reverse the loss of biodiversity and stabilize the climate.
    Illustration showing ocean environment
  • President's Letter: "Going big" in the name of conservation

    WWF Magazine: Spring 2022
    With every passing year, more scientific evidence shows that we're facing the destruction of our planetary systems at a scale not seen since the last ice age. Big challenges require big solutions.
    Carter Roberts