Mangroves for Community and Climate Stories

  • Protecting mangroves around the globe

    WWF Magazine: Winter 2022
    The need to protect and restore the world’s mangroves has never been greater. WWF is working not only in Mexico, but also in sites around the world, including in Colombia, Madagascar, and Fiji.
    Prow view of canoe paddling through mangroves
  • Protecting and restoring mangroves along the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula

    WWF Magazine: Winter 2022
    Along the northern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, communities, tourists, developers, and conservation groups like WWF are working together to protect and restore mangroves.
    Small island with mangroves surrounded by water
  • Family Trees

    WWF Magazine: Winter 2022
    Meet the Matas and learn about the many interconnections that allow both coastal ecosystems and communities to thrive.
    Man stands on dock holding string of oysters
  • President's Letter: Going big on mangroves

    WWF Magazine: Winter 2022
    They don’t tower overhead or sport gaudy flowers. They offer little shade from the midday sun, and it is nigh on impossible to stroll underneath them. But mangroves are truly marvels of nature.
    Carter Roberts