Atlantic Forest Stories

  • Atlantic Forest declared UN World Restoration Flagship

    December 14, 2022

    For years, communities, individuals, and organizations have pulled together to restore the Atlantic Forest. Known as the Trinational Atlantic Forest Pact, their urgent and vital work is now officially declared by the United Nations as one of the 10 World Restoration Flagship Initiatives.

    Pristine jungle, Atlantic Forest, Brazil
  • How forest restoration takes root

    October 26, 2021

    To restore a forest landscape—one that will thrive for generations into the future—every detail must be planned and adapted over time.

    A toucan peeks out from behind a tree in the Atlantic Forest.
  • Restoring Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

    WWF Magazine: Summer 2021
    Many new projects emphasize community engagement at all stages and focus on priority areas where restoration can connect the Atlantic Forest’s remaining fragments and help restore water resources.
  • Bringing forest restoration to life

    January 28, 2021

    As restoration coordinator for forest restoration organization Copaíba, Mayra Flores works manages activities on the ground to bring forest recovery projects to life.

    Maya Flores of Copaiba restoration project
  • A hilltop coffee plantation benefits from robust and healthy forests

    November 03, 2020

    On a hilltop in southeast Brazil, 4,500 feet above the surrounding landscape, is a coffee plantation that has been operating in the same family for more than 150 years—five generations. Owner Ellen Fontana is restoring additional forest habitat on her property, connecting the span of natural forest on her land to another forest fragment on a neighboring property.

    An aerial view of a lush, green coffee farm on a sunny day
  • Returning the Atlantic Forest to its wild roots

    WWF Magazine: Fall 2020
    In an ambitious undertaking, WWF and International Paper (IP) are working alongside a local nursery to help restore parts of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which has faced of years of deforestation.
    Santos planting seedlings
  • What is the Atlantic Forest and why do we need to save it?

    While the Amazon is the largest and most well-known rain forest in South America, there’s another rain forest in the region that’s also important: the critically threatened Atlantic Forest.

    A toucan peeks out from behind a tree in the Atlantic Forest.