Teaching Tools about Elephants

Use this toolkit to teach young learners about elephants, the threats they face, and what we can do to protect them and other wildlife. These resources are geared towards students in grades 3-5 and can be used in any learning environment.

Background Resources for Educators

This resource guide and interactive classroom presentation are designed to give you all the information you need to teach your students about elephants and wildlife conservation. These resources provide fun elephant facts, and information on why they matter, what threats they face, what WWF is doing to help elephants and other wildlife, and what kids can do to help.

  • Educator's Resource Guide

    Educator's Resource Guide

  • Elephant Classroom Presentation

    Elephant Classroom Presentation

Learning Activities

  • Science

    How to Outsmart an Elephant

    This activity challenges students to use scientific investigation skills to design an experiment to test possible elephant deterrent techniques.

  • Language Arts

    Be the Voice

    Students will create a public service announcement that will raise awareness about wildlife crime and how to speak up for animals that have no voice.

  • Language Arts

    The Ranger Diaries

    After reading a short article about wildlife rangers, students will compose a journal entry as if they were a ranger, reflecting on their day's work protecting elephants.

  • Trade Knowledge, Not Ivory

    To understand the ins and outs of illegal ivory trade, students will perform mini research projects and engage in a team teaching exercise to learn aspects of geography, civics, history, and economics from each other.

  • Physical Education

    How Did the Elephant Cross the Road?

    Students will work together to transport an object safely from one area to another—representing the benefits of wildlife corridors to species like elephants.

  • Arts Education

    Watch Your Noodles for Elephants' Sake

    Students will create a collage to represent the impact a common household ingredient has on elephants' survival.


  • Asian Elephant Species Card

    Asian Elephant Species Card

  • African Elephant Species Card

    African Elephant Species Card

  • Elephant Posters (8.5x11)

    Elephant Posters (8.5x11)

  • Elephant Posters (11x17)

    Elephant Posters (11x17)

  • Elephant Word Puzzle

    Elephant Word Puzzle

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Certificate of Achievement

Elephant Video Playlist

We've compiled the following playlist of elephant and poaching-related videos to compliment the activities within the Elephant Toolkit. For more educational videos and Q&A sessions with our experts, subscribe to WWF's Wild Classroom YouTube channel.

Test Your Knowledge

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