Food Waste Warrior Toolkit

Teaching Tools About Food Waste

The food waste warrior toolkit provides lessons, activities and resources to share how what we eat and what we throw away impacts our planet by creating a classroom in the cafeteria. Check out our latest work in schools across the US measuring waste, including recommendations for teachers and staff on how to get started.

Available Toolkit Files

  • Be a Food Waste Warrior Lesson Plan

    This three-part lesson plan will bring the challenge and importance of reducing food waste to life by teaching students to measure what's getting tossed from their own lunch trays. It can be adjusted for grades 5-12.

    Be a Food Waste Warrior Lesson Plan Brochure

  • End Waste, Save Wildlife

    Science Lesson

    How are food and wildlife related? This visual PowerPoint presentation gives students an understanding of what happens when we throw away food before conducting a student food waste audit in the cafeteria.

    End Waste, Save Wildlife Brochure

  • What's Our FoodPrint?

    Math & Social Studies Activity

    After you've gathered your own data, analyze the results and guide students to brainstorm solutions with the help of this visual PowerPoint presentation.

    What's Our FoodPrint? Brochure

  • USDA Guide to Conducting Student Food Waste Audits

    Teacher Resource

    Follow this guide when conducting food waste audits in the cafeteria and reference the sections mentioned in the lesson plan.

    USDA Guide to Conducting Student Food Waste Audits Brochure

  • Audit Weight Log

    Student Resource

    Use this helpful paper log to track food waste weights while auditing your cafeteria. You can also track your school's waste and environmental impacts online through this dashboard.

    Audit Weight Log Brochure

  • Survey Says?

    Student Resource

    Use this log sheet to interview students in the cafeteria and uncover the causes of food waste.

    Survey Says? Brochure

  • What's Cookin' in the Classroom?

    Language and Social Studies Activity

    This resource will help you and your students work with the administration and cafeteria personnel to be sure they are on board with this class project.

    What's Cookin' in the Classroom? Brochure

  • Write to Reduce!

    Language Arts Activity

    This persuasive writing exercise will help your students develop their advocacy skills and raise their voices in the community by reaching out to local representatives.

    Write to Reduce! Brochure

  • Four Ways to Fight School Food Waste

    Teacher Resource

    A quick overview of the four main ways your school can get started cutting waste.

    Four Ways to Fight School Food Waste Brochure

  • Taking the Lesson Home

    Student Resource

    This resource can be sent home with students so they can continue the discussion with their families and apply what they’ve learned in their own kitchen.

    Taking the Lesson Home Brochure

  • FAQs

    Teacher Resource

    Have questions? Check out this list of frequently asked questions, and if you don't find your answer, please email us at [email protected].

    FAQs Brochure

  • Honor the Harvest Poster

    Classroom Poster

  • What Schools Can Do Poster

    Classroom Poster

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Student Recognition

    Reward your students' completion of the toolkit with this printable PDF certificate.