Teaching Tools about Sea Turtles and Oceans

Use this toolkit to explore, analyze, and discuss the importance of oceans and sea turtles, and what we can do to protect them. These resources are geared towards students in grades 3-5 and can be used in any learning environment.

Background Resources for Educators

This resource guide and interactive classroom presentation are designed to give you all the information you need to teach your students about sea turtles and their habitats - fun sea turtle facts, why they matter, what threats they face, what WWF is doing to help sea turtles and the oceans where they live, and what kids can do.

  • Educator's Resource Guide

    Educator's Resource Guide

  • Sea Turtle Classroom Presentation

    Sea Turtle Classroom Presentation

Learning Activities

  • Science

    The Case of the Missing Sea Turtle

    Through sequencing, students become junior investigators tasked with solving a mystery by placing clues of climate change in order.

  • STEM

    Be Careful What You Fish For

    Students perform the steps of the scientific method while participating in a fun activity that shows how bycatch affects marine life and challenges them to brainstorm solutions.

  • Physical Education

    How Low Can They Go?

    This sea turtle - themed twist on a classic game allows students to understand the various depth zones of the ocean and the adaptations marine animals must possess in order to survive there.

  • Turtles on Vacation

    Students utilize their research skills to discover more about areas of the world that rely on sea turtles, and then create travel brochures advertising ecotourism opportunities.

  • Language Arts

    A Need for the Seas

    This persuasive writing exercise allows students to gain a sense of empowerment by composing a letter that addresses the threats sea turtles and oceans face.

  • Arts Education

    Only Jellies in the Belly

    After learning about ocean pollution, students will embrace their artistic skills to create a jellyfish out of plastic, so that they can visualize how sea turtles often mistake trash for food.


  • Green Sea Turtle Species Card

    Green Sea Turtle Species Card

  • Sea Turtle Posters (8.5x11)

    Sea Turtle Posters (8.5x11)

  • Sea Turtle Posters (11x17)

    Sea Turtle Posters (11x17)

  • Sea Turtle Word Puzzle

    Sea Turtle Word Puzzle

  • Sea Turtle Activity Book

    Sea Turtle Activity Book

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Certificate of Achievement

Sea Turtle and Ocean Video Playlist

We've compiled the following playlist of sea turtle and ocean-related videos to compliment the activities within the Sea Turtle Toolkit. For more educational videos and Q&A sessions with our experts, subscribe to WWF's Wild Classroom YouTube channel.

Test Your Knowledge

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