Global Climate Action

Built into the architecture of the 2015 Paris climate agreement is the recognition that countries would need to strengthen their climate goals over time – in line with the latest climate science and mounting impacts. The Paris Agreement asks countries to come back to the table every five years to asses progress and strengthen their commitments. first deadline will occur in November 2020 at COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

We have a limited window of time to address the climate crisis. More extreme impacts have become our new normal—hurricanes, floods, wildfires—and if we continue with business as usual, life will become more and more untenable for millions of people around the world. We need dramatic action from all levels of society.

Earlier this year, the world came together at the 2019 UN General Assembly Week, and the Emergency Summit on Climate. The decisions and commitments discussed here, and made over the course of the next year, will be critical in addressing the climate crisis.

But national governments alone cannot drive enough action to bend the curve on climate. For this reason, WWF is engaging at all levels to shift economies and build support for a zero-carbon future. When business, municipalities, and state governments set climate goals, it becomes easier for national governments to increase their ambitions. We are leveraging our global reach, our expertise, and our track record of working with businesses and cities to accelerate global climate action in the US and in key countries around the world.

WWF is working to mobilize action at all levels. See what it looks like with this behind-the-scenes documentary filmed at the UN General Assembly Week in New York.


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