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  • Greenland

    An ice-clad realm of glaciers and icebergs, the birthplace of kayaking and rich in Inuit heritage, Greenland is entrancing.

  • North Pole

    Voyage to the North Pole with us and reach our extraordinary destination at 90° north latitude—truly the top of the world.

  • Spitsbergen, Iceland & the European Arctic

    Massive glaciers, drifting icebergs, spouting geysers and a diversity of wildlife are just a few of the experiences the European Arctic offers. 

Discover the wild Arctic and its diverse landscapes, from frozen tundras to wide rivers. Adventurers will never tire of its dramatic vistas, snow-edged peaks and abundant wildlife.

Available Tours


Spitsbergen, Iceland & the European Arctic
Experience the rugged, icebound beauty of the Scandinavian far north.
11-day tour from $4,195

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Greenland & the Canadian Arctic
Discover stunning icescapes and native cultures along Baffin Bay and beyond.
11 to 25-day tours from $5,495

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Natural Habitat's Base Camp Greenland
Join the select few to stay at our new ecolodge on Sermilik Fjord, an awesome realm of pristine marine wilderness where you'll paddle and hike along the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
9-day tour from $8,995



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WWF & Natural Habitat Adventures
Call (888) 993 – 8687 to book your spot on this tour. Questions? Email us at

WWF in the Arctic

WWF works intently on one of the biggest threats to the area: climate change. Read more here.

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