• Borneo and Sumatra are the only places in the world where orangutans can be found in the wild.

  • There are fewer than 1,000 pygmy elephants in the wild, including along the Kinabatangan.

  • Proboscis monkeys are easy to identify because of their unusually large noses and unique calls.

  • Canopy walkways through the Danum Valley allow you to see how the canopy serves a vital purpose in protecting rain forests.

  • The Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the highest concentration of wildlife in Southeast Asia.

  • WWF works in Borneo to protect the tropical forests from commercial logging and conversion to agriculture, among other threats.

A frog with no lungs, a “ninja” slug that fires love darts at its mate and the world’s longest insect are among new species discovered in the past three years alone on the island of Borneo.

It’s astounding to think that scientists, including WWF researchers, are unearthing such a treasure trove of amazing species—something you’ll discover when you travel to Borneo. Explore the rain forest to look for such animals as the proboscis monkey, slow loris, barking deer, pig-tailed macaque and the huge flying fox bat.

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The Wilds of Borneo: Orangutans & Beyond
Observe orangutans in Sepilok Sanctuary as they live in natural rain forest habitat. Hike the lush canopy walkways of Danum Valley in search of proboscis monkeys, hornbills and hundreds of other species.

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