• View both sides of the Iguacu Falls and overnight at a hotel just a few hundred yards away.

  • While they are very elusive, jaguars are regularly seen at the Caiman Ecological Refuge.

  • Spend three full days exploring the Pantanal’s verdant recesses in search of threatened species like the capybara.

  • Visit Caiman Ecological Refuge, home to over 700 bird species.

Brazil bursts with life, and we encounter it in all its exuberance on this unique nature odyssey. This watery green system of flooded marshes sprawls more than 90,000 square miles in the heart of South America. Though the Amazon is better known, this region is home to the planet’s densest concentration of wildlife, including 10 million caimans, nearly 700 bird species and the endangered jaguar.

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Jaguars and Wildlife of Brazil's Pantanal
Track jaguars, scout for tapirs, look for hyacinth macaws and more in South America’s most extensive wild frontier—the sprawling wetlands of the Pantanal—with some of the planet's most abundant wildlife.

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