Churchill's Polar Bears

  • WWF works to protect the approximately 20,000 polar bears left in the wild.

  • Custom “polar rovers” allow travelers to shoot photos at close range – and stay warm doing so.

  • While on the tour, you may spot Arctic foxes wearing their winter coats.

  • Observation platforms on the “polar rovers” allow travelers to safely get nose to nose with polar bears.

  • October and November are the best months to observe polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.

  • Adult polar bears are usually solitary creatures. But they often are in groups while waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze.

  • Sleeping overnight on the Tundra Lodge gives you a chance to see polar bears all day and night.

 For many wildlife enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like seeing polar bears in their natural habitat, and Churchill, Canada—known as the "polar bear capital of the world"—is an ideal location to see them. Here mothers tend to cubs and young adult males play-fight as they wait for Hudson Bay to freeze over, signaling hunting season.

Available Tours

Dog sled

The Ultimate Churchill Adventure
An encounter with the Arctic wilderness by Polar Rover, helicopter and dogsled, as well as the opportunity to meet the native peoples of the Hudson Bay.
7-day tours from $6,995

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Polar Bear

Classic Polar Bear Adventure
This ever-popular itinerary takes you onto the tundra in specialized polar vehicles. Itinerary highlights include exclusive access to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and use of Polar Rovers.
6 and 7-day tours from $5,595

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Photographing polar bears from the tundra buggy

Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure
An expert photographer-naturalist leads this immersive journey into the realm of the polar bear.
7-day tours from $6,495

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Photographing polar bears from the tundra lodge

Tundra Lodge Photography Expedition
This custom photography adventure is designed to provide the very best polar bear photo opportunities available while traveling in a train-like moveable hotel.
8-day tours from $7,995

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The Tundra Lodge and Town Adventure
Stay at the exclusive Tundra Lodge for unparalleled seclusion and proximity to wild polar bears—then add two nights in the historic town of Churchill to experience the culture of the North.
8-day tours from $7,695

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Churchill Arctic Family Adventure
Look for Arctic wildlife on the tundra, search for polar bears from a thrilling helicopter flight, take an authentic dog sled ride, and meet Churchill's hardy local people.

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