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Explore a frozen wilderness of glaciers and icebergs, home to polar bears, walruses, whales and myriad seabirds.

  • Our campsites are often on sandy beaches or grassy flats.

  • Arctic foxes roam free in Greenland National Park.

  • Weave your kayak through tidal channels, iceberg alleys and narrow fjords flanked by monolithic peak.

  • The landscape along Greenland’s remote and wild east coast is both beautiful and diverse.

  • An ice-clad realm of glaciers and icebergs, the birthplace of kayaking and rich in Inuit heritage, Greenland is entrancing.

Greenland's landscape in high summer is glorious: Arctic wildflowers burst into color in verdant meadows. Lowbush blueberries invite picking. Icebergs glitter in the Midnight Sun.

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Natural Habitat's Base Camp Greenland
Join the select few to stay at our new ecolodge on Sermilik Fjord, an awesome realm of pristine marine wilderness where you'll paddle and hike along the edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet.
9-day tour from $8,995 




Kayaking Greenland: A Moment From the Past
A Shifting Landscape: Images of Greenland’s Ice
Tagging Greenland sharks, the “Jaws of the North”
Ten Interesting Facts about Glaciers

WWF & Natural Habitat Adventures
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WWF in the Arctic
WWF works intently on one of the biggest threats to the area: climate change. Read more here


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