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Mexico's Monarchs

Travel to the Mexican highlands to witness one of the world's most intriguing natural phenomena.

  • Capture amazing images of the butterflies as they swirl overhead in cloud of orange and blanket tree trunks like gossamer bark.

  • Experience the surrealism of hundred of millions of butterflies migrating.

  • On this tour, learn how butterflies and tourism alike supports conservation and traditional culture in the Mexican village of Angangueo.

  • You may encounter streams covered in monarch butterflies as they stop to drink.

One of the most astounding natural events occurs each year in North America, featuring an unlikely creature: the delicate monarch butterfly. Every November, millions of them set flight on a remarkable 2,500-mile journey from the northeastern United States and Canada to their ancestral wintering grounds in the volcanic mountains of central Mexico.

Available Tours


The Kingdom of the Monarchs
Witness the amazing migration of 300 million butterflies. Itinerary highlights Angangueo, Valle de Bravo and Piedra Herrada Sanctuary.
6-day tours from $2,995


Monarch Butterfly Photography Adventure
Capture photos of one of the world's most remarkable natural phenomena. Itinerary highlights Angangueo, Valle de Bravo and Piedra Herrada Sanctuary.
7-day tours from $3,695



Available Extensions

Humpback Whale Watching Extension 4 days from $795
The Pyramids of Teotihuacan 1 day, custom pricing


WWF & Natural Habitat Adventures
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WWF and Monarch Butterflies
WWF works to preserve vital butterfly habitat in Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve by promoting good forest management and sustainable tourism. Read more here

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