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Namibia Safaris

Without a doubt, Namibia is Africa's great conservation success story.

  • Namibia and WWF worked together to develop innovative new transmitters to track rhino movements.

  • The springbok is the most abundant antelope found on Namibia’s open, treeless plains.

  • Impossibly long eyelashes protect desert-adapted giraffes, like the ones you'll see on this tour, from sand and dust.

  • Many species gather around the watering holes of the Ongava Game Reserve.

Namibia is soul-stirring. Orange sand dunes rising 1,000 feet high against a cobalt sky. Ocean-washed coastal deserts. Sun-baked inland plains that look like cracked puzzles.

Available Tours


The Great Namibia Wildlife Safari
A fly-in safari to discover the gems of Namibia, including a visit to a cheetah and leopard reserve. Itinerary highlights include the Desert Rhino Camp, the Ongava Game Reserve and the Okonjima AfriCat Project.
12-day tours from $11,895

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The Epic Botswana & Namibia Safari
Travel from Botswana's wildlife-rich Okavango Delta to Namibia's towering dunes. Itinerary highlights include the Sossusvlei Sand Dunes, Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park and the Okavango Delta.
16-day tours from $16,995

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Custom Namibia Safari
Build your own personalized journey to Namibia on our tour operator’s custom safari planning website.
Dates and prices vary.

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Available Extensions

Cape Town Extension 4 days, custom pricing


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WWF & Natural Habitat Adventures
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WWF in Namibia
WWF’s work in Namibia focuses on supporting the nation's communal conservancy program, which balances the needs of people and wildlife. Read more

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