Discovering the Bear Coast of Alaska

Fly-in luxury camping in Lake Clark National Park with Kyle Newman, WWF Arctic Program, Community Partnership Leader (Sold Out)

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To register or if you have questions, please contact Aly Jacobsen at Natural Habitat Adventures (888) 993-8687 or [email protected].

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Brown bears in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region spend each year roaming the largely unspoiled land found between the coast and massive mountain-lined national parks and reserves. Standing up to a foot taller than the average human, and weighing as much as a grand piano, these bears are some of the most iconic wildlife species found in America’s great outdoors. The proposed, but recently halted, Pebble Mine project would have put up barriers to movement for brown bears and threatened their primary food source—salmon. In late 2022, in collaboration with Alaska Native communities and other supporters of the Bristol Bay Victory Challenge (BBVC), WWF proudly announced the successful establishment of a 44,000-acre conservation that will protect four of the world’s most important rivers for salmon habitat. Now, thanks to the BBVC, these bears, and this area will be protected indefinitely. 

To celebrate this important win for conservation, join WWF staff to explore part of Alaska’s stunning Bristol Bay Region in Nat Hab’s private Alaska Bear Camp on Cook Inlet, a sustainable base for exploring Alaska’s most pristine brown bear habitat. Tucked away within Lake Clark National Park and part of the greater Bristol Bay watershed, this area sits just to the north of the proposed Pebble Mine infrastructure sites. While we won’t make a stop at the proposed Pebble Mine site, we will see its surrounding habitat and have the opportunity to learn more about the detrimental effects that could’ve occurred if the mine was constructed.

Reservation Info/Trip Details

Dates: June 20 – 25, 2024

Cost: $6,595 per person, double occupancy (+internal air), Single supplement: $1,195, Internal air: $1,296

Deposit: $500 per person (nonrefundable, due at registration)

Group size: Limited to 12 guests

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About Our Experts

Kyle Newman
Kyle Newman WWF Arctic Program, Community Partnership Leader

Originally from Bethel, Alaska, and now based out of Anchorage, Kyle Newman is WWF Arctic Program’s Community Partnership Leader. He maintains and expands WWF’s special relationships with communities and residents across the state. This includes the Bristol Bay region where his team, WWF’s partners, and local communities advocate to protect the region from numerous threats, including the successful halting of the Pebble Mine project. He holds a BS from Southern Oregon University and a Master of Education from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. With many trips to the Bristol Bay region, this will be Kyle’s second stay at Bear Camp and he is thrilled to share the history and culture of the Alaska Native peoples of the area, who still thrive and call this place that is abundant with beauty and wildlife, “home”.

To register or if you have questions, please contact Aly Jacobsen at Natural Habitat Adventures (888) 993-8687 or [email protected].