The Great Amazon River Cruise

A river journey through Peru's Amazon Rain Forest with Meg Symington, WWF and Kurt Holle, WWF-Peru

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To register or if you have questions, please contact Court Whelan at Natural Habitat Adventures (888) 993-8687 or [email protected]

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Travel with WWF experts along more than 600 miles of the Amazon River and its tributaries aboard the luxury Delfin II—disembarking to explore hidden corners of the rain forest by excursion boat and easy jungle walks. Our main focus is the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve near the river's headwaters, a 5-million-acre mosaic of pristine habitats. Supported in part by WWF, the reserve is home to some of the largest wildlife populations in the Amazon: pink and gray river dolphins, troops of howler monkeys, elusive sloths, flocks of brilliant macaws and bright butterflies. Lagoons covered in giant lily pads teem with fish and caimans, while scores of marsh birds hunt from shore. Cultural visits to local villages round out our rain forest wilderness adventure.

Reservation Info/Trip Details

Dates: November 13, 2021 – November 21, 2021

Price (+ Internal Air): $7,410

Internal Air Cost: $390 per person

Single Occupancy: For a single room add 50% of the trip price

Deposit: $500 per person (non-refundable)

Group size: 24 guests

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About Our Experts

Meg Symington
Meg Symington WWF's Senior Director for the Amazon

Meg Symington has been with WWF for nearly 30 years and is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of WWF's priorities for the Amazon with a focus on the financial sustainability of protected areas systems. Meg's love of nature led her to pursue a career in conservation, which began with a field study of tropical ecology and primate behavior in the Amazon of Peru. While earning her PhD, she spent 27 months in "beautiful, untouched forest" of the Peruvian Amazon, which made her realize she wanted to stay focused on Latin America and "conserve the Amazon so it will be there for my grandchildren."

Kurt Holle
Kurt Holle WWF-Peru's Country Director

WWF-Peru's Country Director, Kurt Holle graduated from the La Molina Agrarian University in Lima, Peru as a forestry engineer with specializations in sustainable tourism development and forestry management. For 25 years, he has focused on combining conservation and business, under a vision of sustainability and generating benefits for local population. In addition to being founder and former director of one of Peru's most influential ecotourism companies, Kurt has consulted with leading organizations such as the Moore Foundation, Swisscontact Worldwide, and Nature Services Peru. Together with the Ministry of Environment, he has successfully contributed to strategies to manage tourism in protected areas and generate incentives for conservation.

To register or if you have questions, please contact Court Whelan at Natural Habitat Adventures (888) 993-8687 or [email protected]