2021 Partner Symposium Session 2: Climate Change and the Future of Nature

From nature-based solutions to science-driven decision making, our best chance to address future climate impacts comes this year in the lead-up to the UN Climate COP in November. Explore how we are leveraging a renewed focus on climate policy in the United States while accelerating global climate action to set nature on the path to recovery by 2030.


Marcene Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Climate Change

Marty Spitzer, Senior Director, Climate and Renewable Energy

Mariana Panuncio-Feldman, Senior Director, International Climate Cooperation

Shaun Martin, Vice President, Ecological and Social Resilience

Paul Dobbins, Senior Director of Impact Investing and Ecosystems Services

with Moderator Nik Sekhran, Chief Conservation Officer

  • Date: June 03, 2021
  • Author: Kelley Ashford / WWF-US