Cancer to Climate Change: Sushi that Addresses the Problem of Modern Eating

Chef Bun Lai of Miya’s Sushi, a James Beard Foundation nominated chef and a Seafood Watch Ambassador, discusses his role in creating sushi for a healthy planet. Original inventor of the sweet potato roll, Miya’s Sushi now looks for new ways to innovate—by creating a food system where we replace tuna with invasive shore crabs, livestock with crickets, and high-priced menus with sushi for the masses.

WWF’s Fuller Symposium convenes thought leaders in science, policy, business, conservation and development to tackle emerging issues facing our planet and advance science-based approaches to protect the future of nature. The 2014 symposium focused on how we can freeze the footprint of food while still nourishing billions. It explored the conservation challenges and opportunities we face by looking at diverse perspectives on food production, distribution, consumption, management and waste.

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