On World Oceans Day, a glimpse of a whale swimming just below the surface

Whales roam through all of the world’s oceans, communicating with complex and hauntingly beautiful sounds.

Their behavior is the most fascinating, least understood, most difficult to study, and least funded area of whale research today. So little is known about whale behavior that it is rarely considered in management and conservation programs. Yet, without such information, it is impossible to determine the impact of human activity on whales, or to know whether our efforts to protect them and their habitat are succeeding. Whale Trust Maui, a nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research and public awareness of whales and their environment, was established to address this need.

WWF also understands the vital role healthy oceans play in order for whales and an estimated 2 million species that live in the sea to thrive. Climate change, pollution, and the removal of living resources all threaten oceans. WWF is working to secure a future in which resilient oceans harbor living resources and functioning ecosystems that support rich biodiversity, food security, and sustainable livelihoods.

Learn more about Whale Trust Maui: http://www.whaletrust.org/

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NOAA permit #13846/Courtesy of Whale Trust

  • Date: June 07, 2016
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