Panel Discussion 3 - Full Plate: Nourishing the World Sustainably

Ellen Gustafson, Sustainable Food System Activist, Author and Social Entrepreneur leads a discussion on food choices and how consumers can or cannot impact food systems on local, regional, and global scales. 

Panelists: Bun Lai, Miya’s Sushi Restaurant; Ray Hilborn, University of Washington; Jennifer Clapp, University of Waterloo; and Tristram Stuart, Founder of Feedback and Feeding the 5000.

WWF’s Fuller Symposium convenes thought leaders in science, policy, business, conservation and development to tackle emerging issues facing our planet and advance science-based approaches to protect the future of nature. The 2014 symposium focused on how we can freeze the footprint of food while still nourishing billions. It explored the conservation challenges and opportunities we face by looking at diverse perspectives on food production, distribution, consumption, management and waste.