COVID-19 One Year Later: WWF’s New Survey on Public Perceptions about Pandemics and Their Links to Nature

Jan Vertefeuille Anny Liang

Jan Vertefeuille, Senior Advisor, Advocacy, Wildlife ConservationAnny Liang, Behavior Change Specialist May, 2021

On May 24, WWF released the results of the most comprehensive research to date on public understanding and perceptions about pandemics and their connection to wildlife trade and deforestation—and this special installment of the Insiders Series brings the results to you. In this webinar, hear from Jan Vertefeuille, WWF’s senior advisor for advocacy and wildlife conservation and Anny Liang, WWF’s behavior change specialist, as they take us on a deep dive into what the data tells us. This study, a follow-up to similar research in 2020, was conducted in 5 countries in early 2021, including the US, to assess whether the immediate concerns and opinions about COVID-19 have persisted or whether economic worries and other factors have detracted from the focus on wildlife consumption as the root cause of the pandemic.