Insiders Series: World Rhino Day - A Celebration of an Iconic Species

September, 2021

Rhinos once roamed parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa in abundance, but today there are only an estimated 27,000 remaining in the wild. For nearly 60 years, with the generous commitment of supporters like you, WWF has played a vital role in protecting rhinos. We partner with leading experts and communities around the world to secure and protect rhino populations, establish new populations through translocations, and help curb rhino poaching and the illegal trade of—and demand for—rhino horn. In celebration of World Rhino Day, join us for a very special episode of the Insiders Series that will take you to the plains of Africa for an in-depth and up-close look at the majestic rhino and all that WWF is doing to protect them.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This episode has been pre-recorded and therefore we won’t be able to take questions live. If you have questions after viewing, please send them to [email protected]. The recording will also be distributed via email.