Protecting Mangroves: Turning the Tide for a Critical Ecosystem

Michael Crispino, Communications Director, Oceans Laura Veverka, Program Officer, Resilient Coastal Ecosystems May, 2019

Almost two-thirds of the planet’s tropical coastlines contain mangroves. These watery, otherworldly forests constitute some of nature’s most dynamic and biologically complex ecosystems. They buffer coasts from storm surges, house an incredible amount of wildlife, and supply food and livelihoods for local communities. And they store carbon, which makes them one of the Earth’s best defenses against a changing climate. Yet, in the past 50 years, half of the world’s mangroves have been wiped out. Join us to learn how, with your help, WWF is leading the charge to safeguard these vulnerable habitats and build a future where both mangroves and people thrive.