The Future of the Amazon

Meg Symington

Meg Symington, Managing Director, Amazon October, 2020

There is no other place on Earth that showcases the diversity of life quite like the Amazon. The vast region spans eight South American countries and is home to 10% of all known wildlife species and over 30 million people. For more than 40 years World Wildlife Fund has been at the forefront of efforts to help communities thrive alongside nature in the Amazon by protecting the forests, species, and people that call the rainforest home. In this webinar, hear from Dr. Meg Symington, WWF’s Managing Director for the Amazon about her work in the world´s largest remaining tropical forest and why protecting it is crucial to the overall health of our planet.

Please also enjoy a special information session about The Great Amazon River Cruise, a November 2021 river journey through the Peruvian Amazon with WWF experts and our closest supporters. You'll hear from our travel experts who will discuss the itinerary and river vessel as well as the activities and wildlife to be encountered along the way.