TNRC Partner Resource U4 Overcoming the pitfalls of engaging communities in anti-corruption programmes

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Overcoming the pitfalls of engaging communities in anti-corruption programmes

Effective engagement of communities is a crucial strategy for anticorruption initiatives, as well as conservation initiatives. But achieving strong local involvement can present challenges for donors and practitioners. This 2020 paper from the U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center presents insights on how practitioners can overcome pitfalls of engaging communities in their anti-corruption work. The authors present evidence on the success of community engagement projects in various country contexts, discuss levels of engagement, tools and strategies to encourage participation, and examine the benefits of community engagement projects—including increased accountability. Trust, a sense of ownership, and inclusion create and strengthen participation by enabling community members to express their opinions and expectations, and demand accountability from power holders.

A short version of this publication is also available on U4's website.

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