TNRC Targeting Natural Resource Corruption

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Targeting Natural Resource Corruption

Corruption undermines global development and
biodiversity conservation.

Targeting Natural Resource Corruption (TNRC) knowledge is designed to strengthen anti-corruption policy and practice in conservation and natural resource management.

Developed from 2018-2024, the TNRC Knowledge Hub is an important point of reference for practitioners seeking to address corruption’s impact on wildlife, fisheries and forests.

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TNRC eCourse: Introduction to corruption, anti-corruption and natural resource management

Improving understanding of corruption, its drivers and facilitators, and the range of possible approaches (that include, but also extend beyond detection and enforcement) is the first step to targeting natural resource corruption. This course introduces basic learning from anti-corruption research and practice to help break down the concept of corruption and expand understanding of the ways that it can be addressed in conservation programming. Case studies are included from the wildlife, forests, and fisheries sectors, based on real-world experiences.

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