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Kelp on a line at seaweed farm

Behind the scenes with a seaweed farmer

  • Date: 09 July 2024

Today’s episode features two people who recently teamed up to tell an important story. The topic? Seaweed farming. Seaweed has all sorts of amazing applications, from feeding people to livestock, and even as a replacement for some plastic packaging. Expanding its market share in those areas could reduce the world’s reliance on land- and energy-intensive agricultural practices because seaweed farming requires no land, freshwater, fertilizer, or pesticides. And seaweed is also good for sea life, because it absorbs carbon and produces nutrients beneficial to fish and other species.


But what does it really mean to be a seaweed farmer? That’s the story that today’s guests are helping to tell. Dr. Ana Borrero is a hatchery manager at Seaweed Solutions, a seaweed farming company based in Norway. And Jeff Siebert is the founder and creative director of Bananabones, a video production company based in the US. WWF recently commissioned Jeff to produce a series of short films called “Portrait of a Seaweed Farmer.” Each film follows a single farmer and tells the story of their journey into the seaweed farming industry and what their work entails each day. Ana was one of the featured individuals.

In this episode hear what it’s like to be a seaweed farmer, as well as what it’s like to produce a docu-series focused on that industry.

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