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How you and your company can celebrate Earth Day 2024

  • Date: 01 April 2024

With the threat of climate change, plastic pollution, food waste, the loss of wildlife and critical ecosystems and more, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the issues our planet faces. As individuals, we want to make a difference, but often the question is: where to begin?

In honor of Earth Day, we would like to equip you with resources to make it easier for you to show love for the planet on April 22 and beyond. These tips are also perfect for sharing with others at work or in your community.

Browse our Conservation Starters, where WWF experts across eight critical environmental areas share their favorite starting points that individuals can take to make a positive difference for our planet. These are just the start of the conversation – you can dive into more ways to support different conservation issues with our 60 Actions for the Planet guide.

60 Actions for the Planet is a full comprehensive resource for reducing your environmental footprints in a variety of ways. Download the guide here: 60 Actions for the Planet.

Show your support for no plastic in nature. This year’s Earth Day is focused on the issue of plastic pollution. With a dump truck of plastic going into our oceans every minute, it’s critical to support policies that can unlock a world with no plastic in nature.

Give an hour to the planet – and get credit for it. WWF’s annual Earth Hour campaign is inviting you to spend 60 minutes doing something—anything—positive for our planet.

Whether it is giving an hour through the realm of food, fitness and wellness, nature, creativity, entertainment, or sustainability (including the Conservation Starters and 60 Actions for the Planet activities featured above), the idea is to have fun and help the planet while you are at it.

Last year, over 410,000 hours were given to our planet by supporters in 190 countries and territories. We want to make 2024 the Biggest Hour for Earth campaign yet. We're almost halfway to our goal – help us reach 100,000 hours banked across the United States!

To log your hour for our campaign, visit WWF's Earth Hour Bank.

The more, the merrier: If you would like to get your colleagues involved and track your total hours as a company, please reach out to Jenna Bailey.


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